2014 ATA Worldwide Invitational on ESPN3.com

You can be streamed LIVE on ESPN3.com and show you are ATA STRONG to the entire WORLD!

Open to ALL members! If you qualified for 2014 Districts, you have the chance to perform on ESPN. If you did not qualify, you may still enter for the chance for your video to be showcased on ESPN.
Read consideration details below.
This is your opportunity to showcase your martial arts skills to a national audience during the
2014 Songahm Fall Nationals ATA WORLDWIDE INVITATIONAL to be broadcast on ESPN3.

We are looking for ATA's best talent in the following events:
Creative Weapons
Creative Forms
ATA-Xtreme Weapons
ATA-Xtreme Forms
Creative Board Breaking
ATA Tricks Battle (Team of 4)


    • *This is a showcase event rather than a traditional competition*
    • ATA’s competition rules and guidelines will apply in regards to awarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placements. Review the rules and guidelines: http://www.ataonline.com/the_ring/rules/index.asp
    • It is possible that each event will have a mixture of different genders and ages.
    • Those invited to represent the ATA during this production will be selected from the submissions received.
    • If selected to perform in the 2014 ATA Worldwide Invitational, the competitor will be responsible for his/her own travel arrangements to Orlando Nationals.
    • Videos must be submitted no later than September 12, 2014.
    • Submissions may be posted at ataonline.com/espn
    • Winners will be announced by September 22, 2014

    To be considered, YOU MUST:

    • Have a current ATA membership in good standing
    • Be a member of and training in an ATA licensed school or club
    • Be a 2014 World Champion, District Champion, or be qualified to have competed in the 2014 District Championship to qualify for the event on ESPN; however, ALL members may submit a video entry for the chance to be featured on the ESPN broadcast.
    • Be a 1st Degree Decided Black Belt (or higher) in the ATA
    • You MUST be able to attend the mandatory rehearsal on Thursday, October 23rd (rehearsal will begin at 4:30pm) and the production on the following day in Orlando, FL (We suggest you arrive before 12pm noon or the day before. If you are not present for the rehearsal, you will forfeit your spot.)

    Rules for Submission

    Videos must be 60 seconds OR less, following these scripted formats:


    "Hello! My name is... from (ATA School) in (City, State, Country). I train in ATA Martial Arts because..." (Keep intro under 15 seconds.)


    CREATIVE/XTREME — 30-45 seconds of your ATA best performance following the rules and guidelines of the division for which you are submitting.

    CREATIVE BOARD BREAKING — Any technique is allowed, use wood boards, 8 stations max. (Competitor must provide own holders.) The submission that displays the most creative and unique board-breaking methods will be selected.

    ATA TRICKS BATTLE — Tricks must incorporate taekwondo techniques. You must have a team of 4 in your video. Each member should have 10 seconds to perform his/her tricks.

    Guidelines for Submission

    • Videos must be recorded and uploaded to YouTube using the subject line “2014 ATA INVITATIONAL – FIRST/LAST NAME”. Description must include: NAME, RANK, CITY, AND 1 SENTENCE, “I train in ATA Martial Arts because…"
    • YouTube link must be provided via the official submission form to be considered for entry.
    • Footage must be shot inside of an ATA licensed school or club (no competition footage will be accepted).
    • Competitors must shoot in white or black ATA branded dobok ONLY.
    • No logos/brands outside of ATA or ATA Endorsed Programs or Approved Vendors can be visible within the frame of the shot (for a list of ATA Endorsed Programs and Approved Vendors visit http://www.ataonline.com/about/organizations/index1a.asp )

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