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Because I'm in the Leadership program at my ATA school, my Instructor asked me to think of a way to serve others in my town. I decided to pick up trash at a park near my house so that kids like me would have a clean place to play. My Mom and Dad and even my little brother helped. It was kinda gross, but I had fun. I really like helping people!
– Paxton Thomas, Yellow Belt, 9 years old


Grand Master In Ho Lee

What is it like to be the Grand Master?

What do you mean by "change yourself first"?

What was training like in 1960's Korea?

What were some of your first experiences in America?

What did you learn from the leadership of Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee?

How did you get into golf? How does Taekwondo help your game (sports, studies, etc.)?

What are some challenges and opportunities for WTTU/ATA/STF today?

Why are martial artists seen as well-rounded athletes?

What dietary habits and exercises keep you healthy?

What leaders have inspired and influenced your own style?

How can we support Eternal Grand Masterís commitment to education?

What advice do you have for leaders in training?