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Rising Stars

Ms. Isabel Roseta – A Talent for Tradition

Portuguese Fado Singer is a Rising Star in Music and Taekwondo

Patrons of the elegant nightclub have taken their drinks and seats at candlelit tables around the stage. Conversations hush quickly as the lights dim, and a spotlight shines starkly on a beautiful, dark-eyed maiden in a black gown, draped in a shawl. Two gentlemen sit nearby holding classical and Portuguese guitars. Melancholy notes stir and dance from the stringed instruments, and the fadista begins to sing. Every ear in the house is trained on her powerful, emotion-filled voice as she pours forth a tragedy of lost love and remorse. Soon patrons are dabbing their eyes and sniffling with the profoundly moving narrative. Her voice fades and when the guitar's last mournful note ebbs away, the nightclub erupts in thunderous applause for WTTU Leadership student and one of Portugal's rising fado stars, Ms. Isabel Roseta.

An advanced rank color belt student at Chung San Taekwondo Academy in Lisbon, Portugal, Ms. Roseta trains vigorously and shows a natural penchant for the martial arts as well as her nation's most renowned musical style. Both disciplines reflect the soulful character of the peoples who refined and carried them across many ages. Both require focus, dedication and sacrifice to achieve excellence.

"I divide all my life between Taekwondo and music," she says, adding that her goal of Black Belt is "just the beginning."

Through perseverance and loyalty to her goals, Ms. Roseta earns acclaim for her remarkable talents in the do-jahng as well as the fado music industry. For example, she placed in the Top 5 in Traditional Forms at the 2009 Portuguese Color Belt National Championship. An album upon which she recorded, "A Music e a Guitarra" by guitarist Mario Pacheco, was heralded by Songlines as one of the best albums of 2007. Mr. Pacheco saw promise in Ms. Roseta right away and invited her to be a guest fadista at his Clube de Fado, one of Lisbon's most popular and historic venues. Her performance in the masterpiece tribute film "Fado" (directed by Carlos Saura) was hailed by adoring fans and critics alike, lighting a path upon which she pursues even greater musical aspirations.

Ms. Roseta trains in Songahm Taekwondo in the Leadership program under Mr. Francisco Amaral, 3rd Degree Black Belt, and Mr. Antonio Monteiro, 3rd Degree Black Belt, though her martial arts career began with instruction by Mr. Pedro Tanger, 3rd Degree Black Belt. Perhaps one day she will be known as Master Roseta!

WTTU/ATA/STF congratulates Ms. Isabel Roseta on the great successes of her artistic pursuits to date, and wishes her many more in the future! The website currently hosts a number of traditional fado performances by Ms. Roseta and other stars. Fans may purchase her debut album (by Oscar-winning producer Gustavo Santaolalla) to be released in 2010.

Fadista Isabel Roseta singing "Tortura"

Fadista Isabela Roseta in the movie "Fados" by Carlos Saura