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My son loves Leadership. It makes him feel special to be a part of such an elite program. He proudly wears his Leadership uniform and uses the cool items with the Leadership logo. As a Mom, I love the difference I've seen in him. Leadership is such a beneficial investment!
– Alicia Jones, mother of 7-year-old Tyler Jones

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Master Jordan Schreiber: Creating Opportunities, Changing Lives Around the World

Helping Others Lead Better Lives is a Family Tradition Merged with Traditional Taekwondo

It's no wonder that Master Schreiber's ATA Martial Arts in Martinez, California, was voted "Best Martial Arts School in the Bay Area" (2009, 2010) by readers of the San Francisco Chronicle, or that the man himself was named "Best Citizen in the East Bay" (2007) by East Bay Express. His school is top-notch in the region and in the ATA. His character is impeccable. His marketing savvy, enviable. He is gifted with a brilliant mind, very well educated and kept at razor sharpness. He has wondrous abilities to speak and write with eloquence, and a passion for helping others that started along with his Songahm training at age nine. (He had the great good fortune to befriend now Chief Master Dan Thor then and since.)

His success in the martial arts industry must also be attributed, to some degree, to the leadership, values and examples of his parents, and to life lessons learned from his many siblings (13 - 10 adopted). Whatever the source of his success - a penchant for business, a passion for teaching - the results of his work are deeply felt far and wide, perhaps most notably by some underprivileged and at-risk kids.

Master Schreiber, 38, is a married father, an attorney and former public defender. He ran a Taekwondo club at Harvard University, and later taught five days a week as a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford, founding one of the first WTTU schools. He also founded and taught at an ATA school in New Haven, Connecticut. He is a World Champion competitor with numerous titles and awards. The non-profit he co-founded with Chief Master Thor and Senior Master William Babin - Team PRIDE - has yielded outstanding results across the country in just a few years. He is held in great esteem by his fellow Masters, juniors and seniors. And still, Master Schreiber is one of the most humble and compassionate people you might ever hope to meet.

A sense of purpose rooted in genuine caring, often for the less fortunate and most challenged, has permeated Master Schreiber's persona throughout his remarkable career. He seems to feel that serving our fellow man is the most noble cause - a sentiment widely shared in the ATA. It's a kind of thinking and doing greatly reflected in the generosity and community service actions of his students and staff.

Visit Master Schreiber's website at for links to more articles about Team PRIDE and this inspired, inspiring leader! ATA Leadership NOW salutes, thanks and congratulates Master Jordan Schreiber on his remarkable success. As a model citizen for the Songahm family and tens of thousands more in his community, his tradition of excellence has undoubtedly changed the world.

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What Inspired You to Co-found "Team PRIDE"?
What Advice and Support Helped You Become a Leader?

Team PRIDE, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides need-based tuition assistance to bring "at-risk" children martial arts programs that offer mentorship and teach leadership skills and goal-setting to help them develop PRIDE (perseverance, respect, integrity, discipline, excellence) in themselves and their lives.