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The Leadership students in my classes exhibit better social skills and earn higher grades. I highly recommend Leadership classes for students of all ages.
– Chief Master Todd Droege, International Protech Instructor, Owner of Droege's ATA Martial Arts

ATA World 'Leadership Kid' Summer 2012

Khristian Ray Downey
December 2012
ATA Martial Arts, Bentonville, AR

Khristian Ray Downey
Age: 7

ATA school: ATA of Bentonville, Ark.

Rank: Brown Belt

Years spent training: two years

How often he trains: three times per week

Special goals achieved: Placing first, second or third in each type of an event at a tournament. Making the All-A Honor Roll at school and moving up in my reading level (this year I have moved up two grades).

Future ATA goals: To become a Black Belt and become ranked in the State or Divisional tournaments.

Why he likes ATA: It teaches me skills that can help with bullies, helps me exercise and helps me make new friends.

How he gives back to his community:
I run 5K or 10K charity races two to three times a month. I am a member in 4-H for Washington County, and there are many community service projects. I recently turned in 10 pounds of soda tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.

Leaders he’s loyal to: Mr. Adam O’Connor (his instructor), Johnny Kopp (a senior student at ATA) and my dad.

How he leads: By building up skills by meeting new people and learning new things.

Other interests: I like to play baseball and lacrosse, run, read and play outside.

Inspiration: My family pushing me hard to do the right thing and set high goals.

Advice to others: Always do your best, even when people are not looking.

What ATA teaches him: To never give up and to never doubt myself.