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Elizabeth Doty - Collecting Towels & Blankets for Animals in Need and Breaking Boards to Raise Funds for Team PRIDE and the H.U. Lee Foundation

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Through my Taekwondo training I've learned how to defend myself, but as a Leadership student, I also received advanced lessons with traditional weapons. I never imagined that using something as simple as a Bo Staff could be so empowering! Although I hope I never have to defend myself against an attacker, I now have the confidence and ability to do so.
–Christina Morales, Brown Belt, 18 years old

Leadership Profiles

Elizabeth Doty

Assisting with Taekwondo Classes and Aspiring for ATA Instructor Certification

While many students initially struggle to find their voices when placed in class leadership roles, there occasionally comes along "a natural." At all of 13 years old, 1st Degree Black Belt Miss Elizabeth Doty is one such rare prize. She helps teach Tiny Tiger and Karate for Kids classes almost daily, and according to Master Schreiber, "the children and parents love her!" Being a top-notch martial artist and respected, even beloved, teacher with dozens, hundreds or thousands of loyal followers has a very strong appeal. With talents for leadership being built up and refined so steadily in Master Schreiber's care, Miss Doty's career ambitions as a certified ATA Instructor, and eventually Master Instructor and School Owner, will surely be fulfilled, opening the doors to Songahm Taekwondo for future generations.

Songahm Changes Lives – Team PRIDE Extends Its Reach

Team PRIDE tuition assistance students often dedicate themselves to Songahm Taekwondo with such enthusiasm and diligence that in time they become some of the school's best leaders. They work hard and practice Songahm life skills in their personal, professional, educational and social lives, extending positive influences into needful places far beyond the dojahng. It is our pleasure to highlight a few of Master Jordan Schreiber's most accomplished students, who repay the kindness of Team PRIDE assistance with achievement and honor in their lives, and with true leadership in their schools and communities.