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We enrolled our son into Leadership to improve his confidence and communication skills. Now he greets people with a smile, looks them in the eyes, gives them a healthy handshake and introduces himself. We couldn't be happier!

Leadership Profiles

Miss Ellie Jackson

  • 1st Degree Black Belt
  • Student, Cunningham's ATA
  • Feb 2009 Student of the Month
  • Middle school student
  • Also participates in Girls Scouts of America, March of Dimes (walk for preemies) and Reach Trek (hike for disabled adults)
Black Belt Service Project:

Restored beauty to several miles of walking trails by removing litter (July 2009)

Why this Project:

"Mr. C said we should actually go out and do something, that we shouldn't just expect people to put money in a jar. So I decided to pick up some garbage."

About this Project:

"My parents both helped along the grassy areas. It took about 3-4 hours. It was a little gross. We found some stuff that was tempting to not pick up (we even had gloves on!)"

Favorite Taekwondo Benefits:

"TKD has helped build my self-confidence. I have overcome my fears of certain people and learned skills to defend myself. Physically, I have become stronger and stay in good condition. Mentally, I have learned important life skills and memorization."

About your Instructor:

"Mr. C is special because he cares about us, he shows interest in our good news, and is a good listener. He is also is a very patient teacher with young children and adults. He earns the respect of his students."