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My son loves Leadership. It makes him feel special to be a part of such an elite program. He proudly wears his Leadership uniform and uses the cool items with the Leadership logo. As a Mom, I love the difference I've seen in him. Leadership is such a beneficial investment!
– Alicia Jones, mother of 7-year-old Tyler Jones

ATA World 'Leadership Kid' Winter 2012

Madison Gouldburn
April 2013
Moss Bluff ATA

Madison Gouldburn
Age: 11
ATA school: Moss Bluff ATA, Moss Bluff, LA

Rank: Brown Decided
Years spent training: One year, one month
How often he trains: Five days a week
Special goals achieved: Currently ranked in the state in Forms, Weapons, Sparring, and Combat Sparring.
Future ATA goals: To get my Black Belt in the next year and a 3rd Degree Black Belt by age 14.
Why she likes ATA: I enjoy going to practice and learning new things. I love having friends with the same interests because we have something unique in common. I love competing in the tournaments because it pushes me to be the best I can be. It gives me something to be very proud of.
How she gives back to her community:
I am a part of the Leadership program and participate in community events such as the canned food drive. I am also in 4-H, and we do community work, such as going to the local homeless shelter and food bank to serve food to the homeless. I am a part of my school choir and we go to retirement homes and sing for the elderly.
How she plans to be a leader: Continue to work hard at my goal of being a 3rd Degree Black Belt so I can mentor to the lower color belts and give them someone to look up to.
Other interests: Softball, singing, swimming, dancing, reading, and playing with friends.
God. My parents, Mick and Jennifer Goldburn. My instructor, Lara Crump.
Advice to other ATA kids: You can do anything you want to. Practice and hard work will pay off in the end. Donít give up on whatís important to you. Try to be better every day.
What ATA has taught her: To respect myself. Goals arenít always easy to achieve, but with hard work, perseverance, self-control, honor, integrity, and a good attitude, you can make your dreams come true.