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Through my Taekwondo training I've learned how to defend myself, but as a Leadership student, I also received advanced lessons with traditional weapons. I never imagined that using something as simple as a Bo Staff could be so empowering! Although I hope I never have to defend myself against an attacker, I now have the confidence and ability to do so.
–Christina Morales, Brown Belt, 18 years old

ATA World 'Leadership Kid' Summer 2013

Andrea Guzman
Summer 2013
Karate America - Miramar West

AGE: 9
ATA SCHOOL: Karate America – Miramar West, Miramar, FL
RANK: 1st Degree Black Belt
HOW OFTEN SHE TRAINS: Three to four days a week taking classes and assisting with lower rank classes
SPECIAL GOALS ACHIEVED: 1st Degree Black Belt, State Champion in Creative Forms, Creative Weapons, Xtreme Forms, and Xtreme Weapons
FUTURE ATA GOALS: To achieve 2nd Degree Black Belt and to be a World Champion
WHY SHE LIKES ATA: “I like to learn Taekwondo, make friends, and participate in tournaments.”
WHAT ATA TEACHES HER: Confidence and perseverance
OTHER INTERESTS: Gymnastics, reading, swimming, playing guitar, spending time with family and friends
INSPIRATION: “God. My parents – they always help me to complete my goals, they always encourage me to do my best. My instructor (Mr. Eddie Pacheco) – he always motivates me to keep going and enjoy what I do.”
ADVICE FOR OTHER ATA KIDS: “Believe in yourself. Enjoy what you do and try to do your best always.”