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The Leadership students in my classes exhibit better social skills and earn higher grades. I highly recommend Leadership classes for students of all ages.
– Chief Master Todd Droege, International Protech Instructor, Owner of Droege's ATA Martial Arts

ATA World 'Leadership Kid' Spring 2013

Isaac Nathanial O'Flynn
August 2013
Jones ATA Martial Arts

AGE: 11
ATA SCHOOL: Jones ATA Martial Arts in Owensboro, Ky.
RANK: Brown Belt
HOW OFTEN HE TRAINS: Three days a week
SPECIAL GOALS ACHIEVED: First place medal in weapons at his first competition, on the Academic Team for the last two years in school.
FUTURE ATA GOALS: Earning Black Belt
WHY HE LIKES ATA: “It helps keep me active and focused year round.”
WHAT ATA HAS TAUGHT HIM: “I’ve learned more confidence, discipline, respect of others, and self-defense if it’s ever needed.”
OTHER INTERESTS: Playing outside, video games, and attending church
INSPIRATION: “Myself: I’ve always wanted to learn martial arts in order to prepare myself for the Army Rangers.”
ADVICE FOR OTHER ATA KIDS: “Never let anyone or anybody tell you that you are not good enough or that you can’t do something. You can do anything and can accomplish whatever you want, but you have to believe you can, regardless of what others think.”

Isaac showed respect and self-respect when he wrote about his instructor for a school assignment. Here’s an excerpt:

“Do you have someone in your life who inspires you to do great things? I do. His name is
Mike Jones but we call him Mr. Jones. He is my Taekwondo instructor … One reason why I like Mr. Jones is because he encourages me to never give up and always do my best throughout my life. When I am having a hard time on a test or sport, I use these skills to get past them.”