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Because I'm in the Leadership program at my ATA school, my Instructor asked me to think of a way to serve others in my town. I decided to pick up trash at a park near my house so that kids like me would have a clean place to play. My Mom and Dad and even my little brother helped. It was kinda gross, but I had fun. I really like helping people!
– Paxton Thomas, Yellow Belt, 9 years old

Calling all ATA Leaders!

Grand Master Soon Ho Lee leads an active lifestyle and supports physical fitness in children and adults through Songahm Taekwondo and the President's Challenge!

Led by Co-Chairs Drew Brees and Dominique Dawes, the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition have challenged the nation to produce a million (1,000,000) winners of the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award by September 2011. Grand Master Soon Ho Lee approves and calls on you to stand up and represent the ATA!

As traditional martial artists you already meet a lot of the criteria for the PALA challenge. Let's face it – you burn a lot of calories in class! The more classes you make, the easier this challenge will be. On off days, add an after-dinner walk or sports in the yard with Mom, Dad, Sis or Rover, and you're all set! Just be active 60 minutes per day for 5 days a week for 6 out of 8 weeks (30 minutes per day for adults), even in increments of 5-10 minutes, and keep a record. That's it! Martial arts, sports, games, chores and other physical activities count.

ATA members are hard workers – it's time to be recognized while helping achieve this awesome American goal!

The American Taekwondo Association is an Advocate of the President's Challenge.

Join the Million PALA Challenge with ATA

Sponsors or PALA winners may purchase certificates and other items celebrating their physical fitness achievement from the President's Challenge website.

Report Results to ATA

Will your name be on ATA's list of winners? Which school will have the most PALA winners? Which region will reach 1,000 first? 10,000? Are you ready for the next challenge – to become a Presidential Champion? Tell your PALA story on ATA's Facebook page or to Training Division through your Instructor.