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We enrolled our son into Leadership to improve his confidence and communication skills. Now he greets people with a smile, looks them in the eyes, gives them a healthy handshake and introduces himself. We couldn't be happier!

Chief Master Michael Caruso

Who Models Leadership for You?

What books and authors do you recommend?

Ever wonder what books and music the leaders of our martial arts system enjoy? Chief Master Michael Caruso, 8DB, recommends a few favorites that you might also appreciate in this exclusive interview clip.

How Does Leadership Training Help Kids & Teens?

How does training in the ATA/WTTU/STF Leadership Program benefit children and teens? It goes farther than you might think! Chief Master Michael Caruso, 8DB, testifies in the latest interview clip. Choose to Learn and choose to Lead in 2011!

What Advice Do You Have for People Considering the ATA Leadership Program?

How Did You Acquire Leadership Skills?

When Did Your Training Begin?

How Did You Become a Great Communicator?

What's Next for You as a Leader?

What Life Skills Are Developed in the ATA Leadership Program?