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Through my Taekwondo training I've learned how to defend myself, but as a Leadership student, I also received advanced lessons with traditional weapons. I never imagined that using something as simple as a Bo Staff could be so empowering! Although I hope I never have to defend myself against an attacker, I now have the confidence and ability to do so.
–Christina Morales, Brown Belt, 18 years old

Master Jordan Schreiber

Would You Share Some Team PRIDE Stories?

What Advice Do You Have for Aspiring Leaders?

Master Jordan Schreiber, 6DB, describes training in the ATA as "transformative" and offers sound, practical and insightful advice for aspiring leaders everywhere. Deep wisdom clearly informs his opinions.

What Books & Authors Do You Recommend for Adults?

Taekwondo creates Leaders to meet the (N)eeds of (O)ur (W)orld, who teach, share, inspire and motivate others to do the same. For adult readers, Master Jordan Schreiber, 6DB, recommends a book written by a 3rd Degree Black Belt whose work in a tough environment has changed and saved many lives. Check out the latest interview clip.

What ATA Leadership Skills Have Benefited You Most?

Master Instructors of Songahm Taekwondo have many Leadership traits and talents, but what skills in particular get credit for the on-going success of Master Jordan Schreiber, 6DB, school owner and co-founder of Team PRIDE? He testifies in our exclusive interview series.

What Is Your Background in Songahm Taekwondo?

What Inspired You to Co-found "Team PRIDE"?

What Advice and Support Helped You Become a Leader?