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Leading The Songahm Way - ATA Leadership NOW

ATA Leadership NOW

Songahm Taekwondo is truly life-changing, not only for those who practice it but also for those who benefit from their leadership. The skills and attitude that WTTU/ATA/STF instructors teach and students learn set them apart from other athletes and empower them to reach extraordinary goals inside and outside the classroom. Humility is a virtue of honor, but Leadership NOW proudly presents these true tales of leaders young and not-so-young rising up to meet the Needs of Our World.

Whether you're a Leadership student or want to become one, you'll learn a lot from these instructor interviews, and don't miss the WTTU Spotlight and Rising Stars. Check the roster of new Leadership members or find a Certification Camp in your region. More cool stuff is on the way, so check back often for more inspiration. Choose to learn, choose to lead!