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Because I'm in the Leadership program at my ATA school, my Instructor asked me to think of a way to serve others in my town. I decided to pick up trash at a park near my house so that kids like me would have a clean place to play. My Mom and Dad and even my little brother helped. It was kinda gross, but I had fun. I really like helping people!
– Paxton Thomas, Yellow Belt, 9 years old

Songahm Life Skills

Traditional Taekwondo Builds Leaders
from the Inside Out

Mental and Physical Training Defends from Harm in Pursuit of Harmony

"Self-defense" is a term generally associated with prevention or escape from a physical assault, but did you know that Songahm Taekwondo actually provides "self-defense" against more common and pervasive personal setbacks, hindrances, and mistakes? Patient study and practice builds strength upon strength, leading the martial artist on a journey of self-discovery and far beyond. The diagram above depicts the martial artist developing powerful characteristics in tandem with his or her abilities, powers that both protect and enable over time.

This foundational concept was the doctoral thesis of Senior Master Dr. Emory Morris, Ph. D., 7th Degree Black Belt, presented to Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee in 1996.

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Being a great leader is more than just getting people to follow you.  You have to be a living example of integrity, high standards and discipline.  In other words:  You have to earn it.