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The Leadership students in my classes exhibit better social skills and earn higher grades. I highly recommend Leadership classes for students of all ages.
– Chief Master Todd Droege, International Protech Instructor, Owner of Droege's ATA Martial Arts

Letters from ATA members and their families published in ATA World Volume 19, Number 4 – Winter 2012

My name is Brooke Hathhorn. I am 10 years old and train at Kaminski’s ATA in Allison Park, Penn.

I took a babysitting course, which was offered by Hampton Township School District. Within that class I learned CPR. I didn’t expect to use those skills, but I did two days later when I went on vacation in Wisconsin. My cousin Noah fell into a pool. His mom was able to pull him out and begin CPR. My dad called me over, knowing I just had finished a CPR course. I said, “I can do this,” and finished CPR on my 4-year-old cousin. He spit up and was taken to the hospital and released. He is doing just fine now.

I am in the Leadership program at Kaminski’s ATA, which includes helping the younger Tiny Tigers. I was in the Top 10 in Creative Forms in 2011 and a State Champion in multiple divisions in 2011 and 2012. I am a strong student who loves math and English.

I hope other students get a chance to learn CPR. You never know when you may need to use those skills in a moment’s notice.

Brooke Hathhorn
2nd Degree Black Belt Rec.
Gibsonia, Penn.

In 2005, I enrolled my son Joseph into Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts Academy in Virginia Beach, Va. I had no clue at the time that it would end up being the very best thing that I could have done for him. During this time he was diagnosed with autism. The discipline and structure set by Senior Master Thomas, along with his instructors, brought many positive changes in his life. Joseph’s focus, confidence, flexibility, and balance improved with each class. I saw joy and the ability to truly harness the very best of what lies inside him. The biggest reward from ATA was the feeling of acceptance.

Now, in 2012, Joseph just hit a huge accomplishment becoming a 3rd Degree Black Belt. His passion and determination for a World Champion title this year was strong. Joseph’s goal was to compete in five events in Arkansas. After a year of hard work and strenuous competition, Joe earned first place World Champion titles in Traditional Weapons, Sparring, and XMA Forms. He also earned second place in Traditional Forms and XMA Weapons.

Christine Feser
Virginia Beach, Va.