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                From ATA World Volume 19, Number 2 - Summer 2012

Senior Master Ronnie William Menneke
June 22, 1964 – March 5, 2012

The Songahm family recently lost Senior Master Ron Menneke in a tragic car accident. He served Region 114 of the ATA as Regional Chief of Tournaments for many years, and instilled integrity and respect in his students. He will be remembered for his thorough attention to technique and skill.

Ronnie (as his friends called him) taught math sciences at Emmetsburg High School, and he was so loved by students and faculty that on the evening of his passing nearly 200 people came to pay respects to his wife, Stephanie, at their home in Algona, Iowa. Ronnie was also very involved in his church, and the Wednesday before he died he taught teens on defeating Goliaths in life.

Around the time he graduated from high school, he began his Taekwondo career. In 1984 he was awarded his 1st Degree Black Belt and became a trainee instructor. He taught Taekwondo in various locations in Iowa and worked diligently through the ranks. In 2002 he earned the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt, and in 2003 he earned the distinction of Master, awarded by then-Grand Master Soon Ho Lee.

During the funeral service, Stephanie was presented Ronnie’s 7th Degree Black Belt promotion by Bill Bramley, a 5th Degee Black Belt who also presented Ronnie his 1st Degree Black Belt in 1984. The distinction of Senior Master was conferred upon Ronnie. His new uniform was presented to his wife by his senior students. A 21-board break salute was also presented in his honor.

                                - Reverends Edwin and Janet Harp
                                  4th Degree Black Belts
                                  Faith Assembly of God
                                  Algona, Iowa

Editor’s Note: Friends and family in Songahm can post on a Facebook memorial page: In Memory of Ron Menneke.