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My son loves Leadership. It makes him feel special to be a part of such an elite program. He proudly wears his Leadership uniform and uses the cool items with the Leadership logo. As a Mom, I love the difference I've seen in him. Leadership is such a beneficial investment!
– Alicia Jones, mother of 7-year-old Tyler Jones

Miss Monica Dollive, 2BD, earns first ‘ATA Leadership NOW’ scholarship from H.U. Lee Foundation, begins quest for higher education

At a special ceremony at 2013 World Expo in Little Rock, Arkansas, a 2nd degree Black Belt Instructor Trainee from Coventry Taekwondo USA and Karate for Kids in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Miss Monica Dollive was awarded the first annual “ATA Leadership NOW” scholarship from the H.U. Lee Memorial Foundation. The award was accepted on her behalf by her instructor. Miss Dollive, 18, earned the distinction of being the first recipient of the $1,000 prize and plans to use it for expenses related to pursuing a degree in environmental engineering at the University of Michigan.

In the scholarship application, Miss Dollive was asked to “explain how any of the ATA life skills helped [her] develop into a better leader.” Her brilliant response was “Integrity has helped me develop into not only a better leader, but a better person as well. When I teach the younger students at Taekwondo about integrity, respect, perseverance, and courtesy, I know that in order for me to be a good leader, I need to use integrity myself and practice what I preach. When I live honestly, I am striving to be the best example possible for the younger students at the studio.” Grand Master In Ho Lee, 9BD, Dae Sah Boo Nim of WTTU/ATA/STF, is known to encourage would-be leaders to “change your SELF first” – to be a good role model and to lead by example so that followers may easily trust and deeply believe in you.

The new “ATA Leadership NOW” scholarship is unique because it is the only one awarded by the foundation to be funded primarily by ATA members participating in regional, national, and world ATA Training events such as Protech seminars and V.I.P. Workouts. A small portion of each attendee’s registration fee contributes to the affordability of higher education for a martial artist, a burgeoning leader with goals and plans for making our world a better place. Leadership N.O.W. is creating leaders to meet the (N)eeds of (O)ur (W)orld through Songahm Martial Arts training.

Congratulations to Miss Dollive and to her instructor, Mrs. Penny Beddow-Wolf, 5BD, owner of Coventry Taekwondo. ATA wishes them both great continued successes in martial arts and beyond. ATA also thanks members for your gracious support and investments in the future. Choose to learn, choose to lead!